Why Playing With Your Child is Important

No doubt about it, playing is a very important factor when it comes to children. Just like we need to eat and sleep, playing is essential when it comes to your children’s growth and overall development in life. In fact, playing is actually recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right for every child!! (You can refer toThe Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds” article for more info)

But enough about that. Playing with your children has been emphasized more than enough everywhere. So we’ll be talking about something else, which I think has not been stressed out that much. The subject I’m going to delve into in this article is just as important as playing. Something that is getting replaced in the society, little by little, almost making it a lost art.

It’s playing with your child as parents. 

The Lost Art of Playing WITH your Children

Due to having a hectic schedule as the norm, and having convenient smartphones within arms reach, playing with children could sometimes be deemed unnecessary. In the article, “A SmartPhone Life”, it was mentioned that more than fifty-three percent of children in the United States already own a smartphone. Pretty convenient right? You just have to give them the smartphone and then you can go about to do other things rather than attending to them.

Yes, it is indeed convenient. Yet, is it the best way to rear your child?

And now let me ask you this question.

Why is playing with your child still irreplaceable? In this article, we’ll tackle three of the many benefits children get when they play with their parents.

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  • It helps them rely on you in needed situations

But children should learn to be independent, right? You might ask.

Yes, and no.

Children are, well, children. No matter how much they grow up, they would always be your children. A child might grow into a fine young man and get married and have kids but that child is yours. That child would never be your brother, nor your father, nor something else.

It’s your child.

And as cliche as it may sound, there will always come a time when your child will encounter a seemingly insurmountable problem and where do they go to when that time comes? To their peers?

It should be you. Your advice to your child when it comes to situations like these are priceless, and how could you give it to them if they don’t approach you? And that kind of mindset starts from their childhood. Spending more time with them will make you more approachable to them. And what better way to do that other than playing? 

It doesn’t have to be spending hours and hours, just a few minutes of wrestling with them, playing board games, or any toys they have at home. Your time spent with them will determine how much approachable you could be when that important time comes. And you’ll be sure to appreciate these times when it happens.

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  • They learn from you the more you spend time with them

They said the best way to teach your children is through your example, and this is stressed out as much everyone just pays it no mind every time they hear it. But I still think this screams true on all sides. Children are good imitators. The way you speak and act as a parent, they just sub-consciously copy it and it sometimes gets irritating but that’s part of growing up as a parent and as a child as well. 

But it’s not necessarily bad. Things like sharing, giving, and spending time with someone is not something a parent can perfectly teach a child. But spending time with your children through playing helps them learn these helpful lessons very much needed in society nowadays. You don’t need to necessarily ask them to share or give the toy they’re playing with you, they will learn it through spending time playing with someone. And that brings to the next point. 

  • Your Child Will Learn How To Play with Company

Every time there’s a family reunion or a party one of the children in the group starts bawling their eyes out? You probably don’t have to ask why since there’s almost always one reason why: one of the children won’t share a toy. And then the parents would gather around, asking what’s happening even though they all have a perfectly clear idea of what it was. Then one of the parents would approach the child to either coax him to share. But most of the time, it’s someone who borrowed a toy and won’t return it, or someone who would hog all the toys to himself and smashes everyone if he doesn’t get his way. 

And the main reason this happens is because of the lack of time that the child plays with someone. When a child plays alone by himself, he won’t mind where he puts his toys. He just plays with it, gets tired of it, then moves on to the next one. Then when it comes to a family gathering and a lot of children are involved, things don’t go their way. The toy they left beside him is already being swung around by the other child seeing that no one’s playing with it.

Then all hell breaks loose.

But this could be avoided, and the solution is not as complicated as it sounds. Play with your child and spend time with him. So when a family gathering comes, you would be surprised as to how quiet your child would get. When all the children screaming and bawling their eyes out, your child will stick out like a sore thumb!

And that feeling of pride as every parent looks towards you, you won’t be able to stop smiling.


In conclusion, no one is a successful parent. But every small thing that you do for your child would help them become successful in the future! What better way to start other than by playing with them?

Happy Playing!

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