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Building Toys: A Means To Speed Up Your Child’s Learning and Creativity

The Trend

With all the electronic devices and modern toys popping out everywhere, one can just wonder what type of toys would boost the mental strength of a child and it’s getting harder and harder as more interesting and fun toys get in the spotlight. As a parent, it is a major concern on what type of toys they should let their children play. However, some parents just go with the flow, catching the trend and exposing their children along with it. 

Are you one of those parents? If not, then you’re probably asking what kinds of toys you should be giving your children a foundation before they go to school.

Well, look no more! In this article, we’ll be focusing on one of the major toys that swept the Toy Industry in the early 2000s: Legos/Building Toys. In a survey two years ago posted in an article “How Is Building Lego Models Related To Math Skills” it was proven that those who built better in legos are superior in terms of their math and English skills, and not only that, it also proved that those who were able to easily follow lego building instructions learn faster in most subjects than your average child.

Still not convinced? Then go ahead and buy some legos for your kids to prove it! Here in KidLovesToys, we have a wide range of building toys like legos, check it out!

Wait! There’s more! Without further ado, let’s dive right into the article!

Building Toys: How they help your children learn and be creative?

They Boost the Logical Left Side of the Brain

As mentioned in the article How Is Building Lego Models Related To Math Skills”, it’s been proven that those who build better in legos get higher scores in the math and English tests. Building Toys has evolved in the past few years, making building structures much more complicated and logic-boosting. Well, not just building structures, but also helps boost their logic when it comes to harder school subjects. So, if you want to get rid of those expensive tutors and help your child to get mentally boosted, then buy some building toys for your kids! Buying these is much cheaper than getting expensive tutors!

They Boost the Creative Right Side of the Brain as well!

Not only does it boost the logical side of the brain, but it also boosts the creativity side! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! Building certain structures and trying to come up with a better design using building toys could prove to be a long and arduous, yet enjoyable task. It’s never frustrating to grab a few blocks and try to make something new out of it. If that doesn’t boost your child’s creativity, then I don’t know what is.

As a child, I grew up surrounded by building toys such as legos and a few other ones. And until now, I still find it rather fascinating that you could create lots of different things with such a few blocks. So don’t miss out! And get that creativity in your child going!

They Help Kids Figure Things out on Their Own

And last but not least, they help kids figure out things on their own. Sure, without proper guidance, a child would never achieve growth. But with the right foundation and the ability of independence implanted in them, they would grow up to be reliable and independent. And what better way to achieve that independence by playing! Building Toys help a kid’s mind solve simple problems like how much materials do I have? or how can I put these two and two together? Such simple problems don’t require much thinking but fewer and fewer children today have obtained it.

So chuck out those expensive tutors, those electronic devices, and useless toys out! Buy some building toys now! You won’t regret it!

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